Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Definition to body Building: Baron Babineaux, Jr.

We all talk about Arnold’s muscles and the efforts he puts into all this ,but here is a story of a kind of individual who crossed all barriers to prove himself . Bodybuilding takes work, and a lot of it. Figuring out the best type of training and diet and the right trainer might seem difficult enough. But, Baron Babineaux, Jr., much like Shelley Beattie and Lou Ferrigno, had even more difficulties to overcome. At age 12, Babineaux was diagnosed with Usher’s syndrome, which means he is deaf and legally blind. Baron’s Usher's Syndrome  was not an obstacle, but a catalyst (something that causes an important event to happen) to begin his body transformation. This motivation kept him focused in and out of the gym.

Sliding his hands over and around gym equipment, Babineaux chooses a machine, straddles the seat and starts his workout in preparation for his first competition. Trainer Josh Sonnier stands behind him and taps on his shoulder indicating when to start and when to stop. Baron did not train his whole life to be a bodybuilder, in fact he only started training from 2009 . He has, instead, grown up playing other sports like baseball and football. He went to a mainstream school for the deaf and later graduated from the University of Louisiana. For the first 10 years of his life, said Karen Babineaux, the family did not sign as a means of communication. Then he started losing his sight, leading to the Usher’s diagnosis.After years of playing baseball, Babineaux had to walk away from his pitcher’s mound at age 13 because he could no longer see the ball.

Babineaux’s concern as he trained for the competition has been his size at 6 feet tall and 175 pounds, but Sonnier said the judges will look for definition, leanness and proportion.
Those qualities, said Sonnier, are some of Babineaux’s strongpoints.
Babineaux’s drive toward his goal opened Sonnier’s eyes, said the trainer, and inspired his tattoo, “Never take it for granted.”

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