Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Chinese Man Living with Massive Hole in His Head

China’s Huanqiu website recently posted pictures of incredible people living with holes in their heads.

This man from Sichuan was in some sort of accident that left a fist-sized hole in his head.

This photo was taken in Taiyuan, China on the street, where you can clearly see the man getting along in a wheelchair, despite the massive hole in his head.

We have been unable to find out how it happened or what effect it has had on the man, but you have to admire this man’s courage and strength to continue living
Chinese man with a hole in his head Chinese Man Living with Massive Hole in His Head picture

These pictures were found on the website unfortunately there weren’t any information on what happened to this man’s head, but one thing is for sure that he has been into a serious accident. I’m not even sure if there is enough space on his head for the Brain.But as per my view . First of all that hole is not due to accident its made by d surgeon. This surgery is called craniotomy. After an accident with head injury the intra cranial pressure increases that can damage brain tissue to reduce that pressure a part of skull is removed and preserved for replacement until d pressure is reduced this may take a few days to months till then the skin is replaced and as the pressure comes down the skull part is reattached.Though real but very shocking.


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