Friday, 24 August 2012

Chang Tzu Ping:The two headed man

You know, it’s not often that I’m stunned into silence by what I see on the internet. Meet Chang Tzu Ping, a man from small village in China who was born with the face (consisting of a mouth with a rudimentary tongue and several teeth, a bristly patch of scalp, and vestiges of eyes, nose, and ears) of a partially formed twin attached to his own.Also known as two-Faced Chang, was born with two faces. His second face, on the right side of his head, consisted of a mouth and teeth. The rest of the mouth and throat were not fully developed. The second face also had traces of scalp, eyes, nose, and ears. When Chang would open his mouth on his first head, the second mouth would also open. the reason why chang had a second face is because he had a condition called fetus infetu, which causes one twin to form inside the body of the other twin. in most cases, the twin is a complete fetus inside the living twin, but in chang's case, his twin partially developed outside his body. in another case of fetus infetu, a baby was born with his unborn twin's foot in his brain. chang's second face was eventually removed, along with the rest of his twin. the only remaining sign of the surgery is chang's right ear, which was deformed to compinsate for his extra mouth. the large black mass on chang's face was most likely the location of his twin's brain.

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